Twin twins share many similarities, both physical and interior. They can be identical or not. And when they are identical, for sure, everyone should find themselves wondering if everything in them is really the same. Even your body and metabolism.

The identical twins , Hugo and Ross Turner, went on different diets for 12 weeks between January and March 2020 to see what the results would be. Hugo followed a vegan diet, while his brother ate an omnivorous diet, but with an emphasis on meat consumption. And to accompany the brothers, there were scientists from the Twin Research Department at King’s College UK.

What makes this experiment considered and done with these brothers, is that they are genetically identical. And this means that there are fewer variables that can influence the observed results.

During the brothers’ diet, the scientists monitored their weight, cholesterol, body fat percentage, intestinal microbiota and cortisol and blood glucose levels. And although different, the two diets had the same amount of calories. And the brothers did endurance training five to six times a week.


Before starting his diet , Hugo weighed 83 kilos and had 13% body fat. After the past three months he lost 1.8 pounds and 1% fat. In addition, his cholesterol went down and his energy and focus increased. The only negative effect was the loss of sexual libido in the months he was on the diet.


Ross was a little thinner than his brother before he started his diet. He weighed 79 pounds and also had 13% body fat. After three months, he gained six kilos of fat and lean mass and his body fat increased to 15%. His cholesterol remained constant and he said nothing about his energy or libido levels.


One of the things analyzed in the study was the intestinal microbiota. For this, the brothers did stool tests to analyze the diversity of the intestinal flora of each one.

According to the analyzes, Hugo had bacteria that reduced the chances of type 2 diabetes and obesity. He thinks this may have happened because he started experimenting with different fruits and eating tofu as a snack between meals.

“On a vegan diet you have to make up for it with variety, so I was eating foods that I was not used to,” he explained.

And Ross’s microbiota did not change to any degree during the study.


The two brothers want to repeat this experiment, but now for a longer time. They want to do it for at least six months, to achieve more consistent results. And in general, they want to include more fruits and vegetables in their normal diets. Mostly, in their snacks.

“Having a vegan diet has benefits as well as eating meat. I don’t think one outweighs the other. We are going to make a mixture of the two, with meatless days and more vegetables, eating better quality meat and less quantity. We get the best of two worlds “, they claim.

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