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Collection of 26 stunning Kohler-inspired bathrooms

Find some inspiration for your next bathroom remodel in our collection of stylish bathrooms that range in attitude from contemporary to traditional to even Zen-like simplicity. You’ll find that with the right planning and product selection, you could be well on your way to designing your own perfect bathroom retreat. Today, well designed bathrooms are not only beautiful, they are also very durable and highly functional. A full bathroom must comprise of four plumbing fixtures, a sink, bathtub, shower and toilet. After incorporating these four essential elements into your bathroom scheme, you can mix and match materials to transform a utilitarian space into a tranquil private spa, a glamorous spot to apply make-up or an eco-friendly place to shave. Bathroom cabinets and vanities help to create extra storage for the accumulative number of necessary products.

Each of these beautiful bathrooms that we show in the collection of pictures below have one thing in common, they all feature Kohler bathroom faucets, and various other fixtures designed by Kohler. Kohler is known for their innovation and design as one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures. Their products are not only gorgeous to look at, they make statement pieces in any home. Kohler’s vast assortment of products makes it easy to find whatever it is that you are looking for to fit into your design scheme, whether it be a more minimalist design or creating a showstopper such as a powder room or even a private spa sanctuary.

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