Lately, the life of a gamer has not been easy. But more than that, it hasn’t been cheap at all. We are currently entering the ninth generation of video games , with consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which promise real revolutions. However, even with a farewell atmosphere of the eighth generation, the price of consoles has not been decreasing. Instead, they are increasing at unprecedented levels. After all, why has the price of video games doubled?

If you, as well as a lot of people, decided to buy a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch to have a distraction in the quarantine, you probably got a good scare. That’s because, in just a few months, the price of many consoles has more than doubled. And of course, all of this is a reflection of the moment we are living in.

If the dollar has not doubled, why has the price of consoles soared?

Not long ago, it was possible to find a Nintendo Switch in its basic model for around R $ 1,800. However, today, you will not find the console for less than R $ 4,000. And even the Nintendo Switch Lite , its version with less features and which should be cheaper, comes to values ​​around R $ 2,600. To give you an idea, these are higher values ​​than at the time of the launch of the video game. But, after all, why is this happening?

With exorbitant values, but lower than the Nintendo console, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One also suffered an exponential price increase that reaches 30% more than normal. Thus, in a special case, although Nintendo does not have an official store in Brazil and the constant variation of the dollar, the prices of the company’s video games have never been more expensive. However, a recent surge in the dollar has caused console prices to soar.

In any case, in addition to the high dollar, we also need to mention the current Covid-19 pandemic , which plays a crucial role in this story. Without an official supplier in Brazil, Nintendo consoles, for example, have always come through a “gray market”. That is, with import routes and, many times, included Paraguay, which closed its borders. So, with the stoppage of this path and factories that stopped producing the console outside Brazil, we simply stopped receiving new video games.

Video games stopped being produced due to the pandemic

In February, for example, no Nintendo Switch units were produced. Allied to this, with the high demand and low stock of Brazilian retailers, the price of video games has reached the clouds. Thus, at least in the case of Nintendo , the console has difficulties to be found worldwide.

Soon, we hope that the supply problem can be normalized around the world. However, the situation in Brazil is still quite uncertain. This is because the country continues to plunge more and more into the crisis generated by the pandemic of the new coronavirus. In addition, Paraguay’s borders remain closed and the dollar continues to rise.

At least for now, buying a video game at a good price will not be an easy, if not impossible, task. If at present, buying a console is not very exciting for Brazilian players, what to think about the future and the next generation? Considering the current values ​​and the calculation of taxes, we can already collect a good amount of money if we want to follow the next launches.

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