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60 Most spectacular living rooms featured on Homegue for 2020

This week we are featuring a vast collection of our most popular living rooms from home tours that we have featured here on Homegue during the course of 2020. Since the living room is where family spends quality time talking, watching television and entertaining family and friends, it is an important space in the home that gets used often. Therefore, it is essential that you create a space that meets your lifestyle needs and is decorated with personal items that helps you feel connected to the space.

Comfortable furnishings will allow for relaxation, while good lighting help make your space feel bright and airy. We have plenty of living rooms featured in our collection below, in various styles from contemporary to rustic. We hope to leave you feeling inspired to decorate your own living room… or maybe you just need to re-configure your furnishings and replace a few accessories to give it a brand new aesthetic. Be sure to follow Homegue on Pinterest for more inspiration!





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