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60 Genius Home Decor Ideas ever shown

In times of unavoidable digital revolution, some say that magazines are numbered. Their excess, or those made in the same way as they were in the 20th century, perhaps. Putting one more magazine in the world every 30 days requires, first of all, a lot of affection and responsibility with what you want to put on paper. Because once printed, there is no going back – the story is there, forever. Editing, printing and distributing a publication is very expensive. It consumes resources – material, energy, human – increasingly scarce.

These are heavy issues month by month by the Casa Vogue team. That, however, perseveres, because it believes in this platform as one of the inventions of humanity with the greatest potential to inspire, to fill the eyes, to spread knowledge, to instigate dialogue, to awaken in the reader’s mind desires for action and change, of personal evolution and collective. Diving into the archives of Casa Vogue, which now turns 43, to select, among thousands of works – houses, buildings, furniture, objects, gardens, art – that we have already published, one hundred ideas that deserve eternity, was as exhausting a task as it was stimulating. We chose to divide them into four blocks that summarize what we always look for in every project: protagonist colors, sublime character, local roots and memories. All in all, the result is one word: originality. Because what is original, prevails. It remains. Immortalize yourself.

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