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43 Most fabulous mood-setting romantic bathrooms ever

Create a romantic bathroom retreat by integrating a traditional master bath with the master bedroom for the ultimate space for relaxation, rest, pampering and romance. To help spice up your bathroom retreat, the key is lighting, one of the most essential and overlooked parts that creates a romantic ambiance. Lighting changes our perspective on how we feel and perceive a space, when you are in control of the lighting, you also control the mood. Try mixing lighting with soft, flattering tints. In addition to typical overhead lighting and any other fixtures you may have in the space, consider purchasing a high-end chromatherapy bathtub, which is fitted with adjustable underwater lights in various colors. You will find that some spa-style shower heads will have built-in mood lighting. Whatever type of lighting scheme you select, it should be simple to control and adjustable for various moods. Gilt, soaking tubs, infinity pools and gorgeous tile: Feast your eyes and find inspiration in these sumptuous bathrooms that we have featured for you below.

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