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43 Cozy and warm color schemes for your living room

Create an inviting living room by designing with a warm color scheme, adding personality and interest and keeping the feel of autumn in your home all year long. Warm colors feel cozy, ranging from pale yellow, through all the hues of orange, the tints of brown, and finally into red, from vivid Cadillac red to delicate pale pink, all from the warm side of the color wheel. Since warm colors tend to advance, this means that they tend to draw in a space, making it cozy and welcoming. Comfort is when you walk into a room and feel embraced by your surroundings. The furniture, accessories, wall colors, flooring and its textures all contribute to the feeling of being warm and cozy. A living room’s size is either diminished or increased by its design and colors, and turning your living room into a welcoming, peaceful retreat starts with your color scheme. So get inspired by the collection of images we have gathered for you below and create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the living room of your home with one of these colorful looks.

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