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39 Mesmerizing bathrooms welcoming in nature

If you draw inspiration from the visual and aural appeal of nature in your home, trying immersing the natural landscape into your bathroom design scheme. Creating your own private sanctuary with a natural concept in mind is all about adding texture, lots of glass, and the right bathroom fixtures. A part of designing next to nature, is to also bring nature into your design, by applying elements that simulate what you would see outside in nature. These items can include rich woods, pebbles, rocks, water, earthy stones and plenty of textures. Todays modern luxury bathroom encompass steam showers, soaking tubs, TVs and even surround sound, all outfitted with beautiful fixtures and furnishings. In order to have this personal spa oasis, drawing in nature will complete the ambiance. This can be done by adding glass walls, which can be fixed or sliding into a wall cavity so that you blur the lines between the indoors and the exterior.

A glass enclosed shower can also help (it also makes the shower feel more spacious), especially if you bring lots of plants into your bathroom. A freestanding tub, or one that is inset into the floor, can be either right in the visual line of the outdoors or even on a deck or on its own covered veranda in the garden. Part of the experience is being able to see the sights and sounds of nature and breath the in fresh air.

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