Fall Winter Outfits

31 Warm Padded Coats to Comfort Your Body in Winter

Winter is a time when we wear thick and warm clothes. Therefore the clothes that we often wear is a coat. Then, the padded coat becomes a mandatory choice. Of course, this outfit can be our back-up when the weather becomes cold and unfriendly. In addition one of the types of padded coats that are fashionable and can be a good choice is a puffer jacket. Indeed, the puffer is a quilted-jacket model, a jacket that has bubbly material because there is a layer in it.
This padded coat model is quite popular and becomes an alternative outfit to face the arrival of winter. Puffer coat generally made of nylon. And also the coat is made of parachute material that has the characteristics of a smooth and soft. furthermore, the puffer jacket has an expanding shape and seems to be specifically designed to withstand cold air. And another function of the puffer jacket is as a complement to work clothes or other purposes. Of course, this coat can also give a sporty and elegant appearance.

Want to look relaxed but cool, choose monochrome colors like black or gray. And don’t forget to play with accessories like beanie hats, glasses, handbag so that makes you look attractive. Then for a street style looks, mix a puffer jacket with hoddie and slim-fit denim. In this case, You can also choose a puffer jacket with an additional hoodie that has fur to make it more feminine.

Although it has a material that is resistant to all weather, then treatment of the treatment of this coat should not be haphazard. Because the material is made from synthetic fibers, this material is very sensitive to detergents. In order to maintain its superiority, you must be able to wash it with a really gentle detergent. As we know, the puffy coat is a combination of polyester material and other materials that cannot be ironed. Indeed ironed puff jacket certainly can damage the jacket. So, you must avoid this matter.

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