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26 Trending Bathroom design For 2020 To Try

As we head into the New Year, resolutions are abound; this year in particular is seeing people focusing not only on overhauling their diet and fitness regimes, but also updating their homes and decor. Bathrooms are seeing a big change in 2020, leaving behind the bohemian and shabby chic styles of the past and looking more towards minimalistic, sleek designs for an uncluttered home as well as mind.

Drawing on trends such as Japanese minimalism, 2020 will see shabby chic disappear from the bathroom, replaced with more fluidity in terms of shape. For example, the antique furniture once picked up and DIYed to create a mismatched, trendy room of recent years is out, and less obtrusive pieces such as floating sinks, roll top baths and built in cabinets are in. In color terms, the last few years have popularized pastels and brights in home decor, but bathrooms are likely to turn away from this towards a much more elegant and muted color scheme. Monochrome will be the ruling feature, with luxurious and elegant black and white, followed calming beige and grey hues.


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