Living Room Ideas

25 Unbelievably stylish living rooms full of amazing ideas

Designing a stylish living room interior requires a little creativity and some wonderful furnishings and decor that are brimming with character and personality. The key is to create a space that is infused with warmth, inviting great conversation and comfort for both family and friends. These fabulous living room finds that we have collected for you are courtesy of Lonny Magazine, whose sense of style is very unique and tasteful. A timeless living room always makes for great living room design, as it looks like it has always been there, but features updated trends that are visually pleasing and very comfortable. Natural light is also a key ingredient that helps to make a living area bright and airy and creates a cheerful ambiance. With windows, they always look great when they are dressed up with some beautiful window treatments, unless you have a striking view that you may not want to conceal! Your living room design scheme should reflect your tastes and aesthetic, but be sure to keep it uncluttered and do not over-accessorize. You do not want your space to look unkept and disorganized if you are going for a stylish and sophisticated look. Keep your accessories pared down and only decorate with items that have sentimental value or evoke strong attachments. A space that is more streamlined will allow the remaining elements to really take center stage!

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