Before becoming famous in cinema, superheroes were well known in television cartoons and comics. Both Marvel and DC have invested, and still invest, in animated series. The fact is that, if hero films are so successful today, it is because the public already loved to see them on television and read their stories in magazines as children.

Even if you are not a person who follows the universe of superheroes, it is clear that racial diversity is not much explored. Black heroes are few. And this diversity started to become a reality not long ago.

Black superheroes only gained popularity after the release of Black Panther in the comics. The hero was the first black man with super powers to come to life in Marvel stories. After him several other black characters were consolidated not only in Marvel, but also in the other publishers.

When the hero’s movie was released in the cinema he proved, with his box office success and good reviews, that plots that bring representativeness are incredible and also profitable. And fortunately, several other productions of the genre are in progress. And to prove that the Black Panther is not unique, here are some other black superheroes.

1 – Black Panther

T “Challa made history by being the first black superhero. The character was released in 1966 in a comic book by the Fantastic Four. The hero is also part of the Avengers and has become one of the most popular today.

2 – Luke Cage

This hero was introduced by Marvel in 1972. He starred in his comic book called “Luke Cage, Hero for Hire”. The hero is known for his super strength and almost impenetrable skin. And in 2016 it had its own series on Netflix.

3 – Blade

A year after Cage, Marvel introduced Blade. He is a hybrid of human and vampire. And after discovering the vampire’s plan to dominate the human race, he turns into a vampire hunter. This character was also very important to pave the way for other black heroes.

4 – Nubia

Most people have never heard of her, but Nubia is a very interesting character. She is Wonder Woman’s sister. But even though it is very interesting she has not yet appeared in any major film.

5 – Storm

This descendant of African priestesses has the power to control the climate. It was introduced in 1975. Storm is one of the most powerful characters in the X-Men precisely because of his ability to control the Earth’s magnetic field.

6 – Misty Knight

The character appeared in 1975. She is a New York police officer who, after losing an arm, puts on a bionic arm that gives her a superhuman strength. The character can be seen in the Luke Cage series, “Iron Fist” and “The Defenders”.

7 – Black Lightning

This was DC Comics’ first black superhero. He appeared in 1977 with his own story and storyline. He is a family man who returns to his role as a vigilante after gangs start threatening the future of his community.

8 – Spectrum

This heroine appeared at Marvel in 1981. She has extra dimensional powers and the character Monica Rambeau transforms herself into the Specter heroine. And in the cinema, the heroine appears in the film “Captain Marvel”.

9 – Vixen

This heroine can be seen as a DC Comics response to Marvel’s Black Panther. She is the first African super heroine in the DC universe. She manages to direct the powers of animals and comes from the fictional country of Zambesi.

10 – Bishop

This hero was released in 1991 and is linked to the stories of the X Men. He was born in the universe of Earth 2191. In it, robots hunt mutants and have taken over North America.

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